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Straightening & Perming
Hair Straightening Cream
CYNOS Hair Straightening Cream is the strongest relaxer which gives the most dramatic results for hair straightening. When this hair straightening cream is applied, it penetrates into the hair and changes its structure. It seeps to the inner layer of the hair shaft that provides the strength, elasticity and shape for straightened hair. Use of deep conditioning and detangling products is recommended so as to smoothen out the hair and prevent damage to the hair cuticle. Limit the use of hot blow dryers and styling tools. Remember that hair straightening must be followed up with extra special aftercare.
The self-adjusting function makes hair healthier and more elastic. The unique formula meets the needs of different hair types, equalizing curl degree from hair roots to ends. Eliminates damage to the hair.
The brand-new CYNOS wave lotion is specially formulated with Vitamin B5, a natural rejuvenating ingredient which restores hair nutrition and makes hair healthier, greatly minimizes the risk of hair damage caused by chemical treatment and helps you to have natural, elastic and long-lasting curls. Heating is not necessary when processing.
Contains abundant natural cysteine extracts which effectively prevent scorch, repture and split ends, leaving the hair healthy, shiny and natural. Provide superb, elastic and long-lasting curls from root to tip. The wave lotion is so versatile that it creates the exact style you want depending on the wave rods you choose. You can have tight curls, soft waves or all over body and volume.